Travel and Teach in Thailand with Asian College of Teachers – 2023

Thailand offers a fantastic opportunity to teach in an exotic eastern nation through the Asian College of Teachers’ Teach and Travel Project. In Thailand, short-term ESL employment with a wage of THB 30,000 (about USD 1000) per month, housing, and health insurance will be provided to qualified candidates. The most effective approach to impacting people’s lives through English-language education while traveling and experiencing the world through their eyes is to teach.

The program begins with a three-week TEFL training in Bangkok and orientation to Thai culture and language, which is now required of all foreign teachers. As a result, teachers will be able to apply for accreditation from the Teachers Council to teach in Thailand. Within a few days of the course’s conclusion, the teaching assignment will begin.

Summary of the Program

Gain certification to teach in Thailand by enrolling in a three-week TEFL course in Bangkok.

Attend the required cultural and linguistic orientation in Thai.

After the course, find a temporary position teaching ESL.

receive the chance to work for a few months while earning a monthly wage of roughly $1,000.

At least two Thai cities should be explored.

About Asian College of Teachers

Asian College of Teachers, with its headquarters in Thailand, is Asia’s premier provider of teacher training for those looking to raise their craft to a level consistent with that of the rest of the world. Asian College of Teachers creates top-notch educational goods of the highest caliber.

The greatest institution for teacher training that offers a variety of TEFL courses is known as ACT. Numerous TESOL holders, including those from the United States, Canada, England, Birmingham, and Canada, have authorized these courses. The Asian College of Teachers also provides courses that are equally helpful for teachers who are currently employed and hope to improve and advance their abilities as EFL/ESL instructors in the future.

In-depth TEFL, ESL, and EFL training experiences will be provided to teachers undergoing training, ensuring a greater comprehension of the TEFL methodology. Additionally, the training will give them the skills they need to teach EFL in any EFL classroom worldwide using the most up-to-date and innovative methods.

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