Study in USA for Indian Students After 12th for 2023 – Apply Now

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The United States of America, (USA) also known as “the land of dreams,” aids people in achieving their dreams. The United States, a global country with a contemporary way of life, essentially offers chances that very few other places do. The USA, which is a top destination for higher education and is home to Ivy League colleges and other famous universities, has long been a favorite among students.

International students are very interested in studying in the USA because of the academic superiority of its universities. The USA is a top choice among students who have recently graduated high school to enter the tough world of college life because of its dynamic and culturally diverse campus life, flexible curriculum, and exposure to other countries. Indian students who complete their 12th grade can choose from a wide range of courses at numerous colleges across the country. This blog aims to explore the nuances and special characteristics of studying in the USA for Indian students beyond their 12th year!

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Study in USA for Indian Students After 12th for 2023/2024
Indian Students to Study in USA after 12th

Popular Courses and degrees in the USA To Study

In order to select the ideal course of study, selecting a major can be a difficult undertaking that calls for logical thinking and reasonable decision-making. The seemingly unlimited array of courses offered in the USA, each with its own distinctive qualities and significance, can be perplexing. The following is a list of the most popular courses that students select while selecting to study in the USA after their 12th-grade year:

  • Social Sciences
  • Intensive English
  • Computer Science
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Business and Management

Study Arts in USA after 12th

After completing high school, pursue an artistic career in the United States.

Studying fine arts could be the best course of action if you have a passion for the arts and want to pursue higher education. Some of the best colleges and universities in the world, which provide top-notch instruction at reasonable costs, are located in the United States. After high school, you can improve your artistic abilities while learning important things about global history, culture, and literature by enrolling in a fine arts program in the USA. Following high school, the following are some of the most well-liked arts courses in the USA:

B.A. in Music

• B.F.A in Studio Art

• B.A. in Creative Writing

• B.F.A in Dance

• B.A. in English

• B.F.A in Film & Television

• B.M. in Music Therapy

• B.A. in Art History

• B.S. in Writing & Rhetoric Studies

• B.M. in Clarinet

• B.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication

• B.F.A in Acting

Study Engineering in USA after 12th

After graduating from high school, pursue engineering in the United States.

One of the most sought-after post-secondary courses in the USA is engineering. Your critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities can be developed by studying engineering in the United States after high school.
Let’s say you want to study engineering in the USA once you finish high school. In that scenario, American colleges provide top-notch degrees in a variety of engineering specialties, including mechanical, electrical, computer, and civil engineering. A variety of specialties are also available, including biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, aerospace engineering, and many others.

B.S. in Aeronautical/ Aerospace Engineering
• B.S. in Architectural/ Structural Engineering
• B.S. in Automotive Engineering
• B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
• B.S. in Chemical Engineering
• B.S. in Civil Engineering
• B.S. in Computer Engineering
• B.S. in Software Engineering
• B.S. in Electronics Engineering
• B.S. in Marine Engineering
• B.S. in Mining Engineering
• B.S. in Nuclear Engineering
• B.S. in Power Engineering
• B.S. in Petroleum Engineering
• B.S. in Product Design Engineering

In general, there are two types of undergraduate degrees that US universities offer:

Undergraduate Program of 2 Years

The groundwork for subsequent enrollment in a 4-year undergraduate degree is laid out by a junior or community college undergraduate program. This degree doesn’t require any specialization, involves fewer credits and time, and concentrates on a broader basis of a subject.

Undergraduate Program of 4 Years

Students must select a major in order to enroll in a 4-Year undergraduate program. A professional career can be pursued with the help of this degree. Because it is a specialized course, more credits are needed, and students must invest more time.

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Eligibility Requirements for Indians to Study in the USA

There are requirements that must be satisfied in order to seek a degree that is globally recognized and continue your education in the USA after high school. The universities use these eligibility requirements to choose smart students by putting prospective students’ knowledge to the test. The application and admissions procedure heavily relies on these requirements. A general understanding of these requirements for eligibility that incoming students must meet is provided below:

  • Students must have passed their 10+2 with a minimum percentage of marks required by the educational institution they desire to attend from a recognized board.
  • To prove their competency in speaking English, students need have taken an English language proficiency exam like the IELTS or TOEFL, among others.
  • Universities use a variety of standardized tests, such as the SAT or ACT, to assess students’ knowledge.
  • Essays or SOPs, LORs, and other extracurricular activities that would make up a student’s profile are additional admissions requirements.

Here is a list of study abroad scholarships that will help Indian students after their 12th year lower the overall cost of going to college in the USA.

Top Best Universities for Indians To Study 

Choosing a university is crucial for Indian students who want to pursue their undergraduate degree in the USA. Degrees from American universities are regarded and recognized around the world. It can be just as confusing to pick a university as it is to pick a major. Studying in the United States can provide Indian students with a variety of opportunities. A list of prestigious American institutions accepting Indian students is provided below:

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Top Universities to Study in the USAQS World Rankings 2022
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1
Harvard University5
Stanford University =3
University of California, Berkeley 32
Columbia University 19
California Institute of Technology =6
Yale University =14
University of Pennsylvania13
Princeton University 20
Cornell University21

Cost Of Studying: 

It’s critical to understand the typical cost of going to a university in the United States if you’re considering enrolling. Your tuition and living charges will make up the majority of your costs. For undergraduate and graduate programs, the average tuition in the USA is $37,000 (INR 26,00,000) for private universities and about $25,000 (INR 18,00,000) for public universities. The average cost of food will be between $500 and $1000 (about INR 36,000 to 72,000), and the average cost of housing will be between $1,500 and $2,000 per month. Your minimum monthly transportation costs will be between $100 and $200. (INR 7,200- 14,000).

Admission Ceremony.

There are three intakes available for admission for Indian students who want to study in the USA after their 12th grade year, and they are as follows:

  1. The most common option among students is fall intake. August marks the beginning of this.
  2. Spring Intake: This is the greatest choice for individuals who would like to gain a little time before beginning college. The first day of it is in January.
  3. The summer intake, which begins in May, is a third option that is only offered in a select number of colleges and for a select number of programs.

All universities have different deadlines, so it’s crucial to be aware of them and adhere to them if you want to improve your chances of getting accepted. Contact Rahetamin if you require any additional help with the same!

How to obtain a student visa

A visa is a necessary requirement for students who want to study in the USA after their 12th-grade year. There are different Visa choices available for students to choose from in order to simplify the procedure and facilitate this exchange of students. An overview of various Visa kinds is provided below:

  • The F1 visa is necessary to enroll in a US college that has been accredited.
  • Any vocational or training program that doesn’t require an academic degree requires an M (student) Visa.

How soon should I apply for an F-1 visa?

As soon as you have your I-20, you can start the process of applying for an F-1 visa. You should submit your visa application as soon as you can. There are a few crucial things to remember, though.

  • An F-1 visa cannot be issued by the US consulate more than 120 days in advance.
  • More than 30 days prior to the start of your course, you won’t be permitted entry into the United States.
  • The appointment wait time, which is typically between 60 and 90 days, affects how long it takes to process your F-1 visa. The wait time for your city can be seen here.

VISA is a necessary necessity, so it’s critical to be informed of all your possibilities and select the one that is best suited to the path you’re following.


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