Humana Dental Insurance Coverage 2023: Pro and Con

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It might be challenging to decide which dental insurance provider is best for you because there are so many options available. To assist you in determining whether the coverage it provides satisfies your needs, we analyze Humana Dental Insurance in this post. Learn everything you need to know about Humana Dental Insurance, including its benefits and drawbacks, costs, available plans, customer satisfaction scores, and more.

Dental Insurance from HumanaDental Insurance from Humana

It has never been more crucial to maintain good health.

With a complete and cost-effective health insurance plan, you can safeguard yourself and your loved ones. To find out more, click your state.
Network of best providers
If you’re looking for a dental insurance carrier with a wide provider network, Humana might be the best choice for you. The Humana network includes over 335,000 dentists and specialists, giving you a wide range of options when selecting a healthcare professional. There is a strong chance your current dentist will be included in the network as well. On the Humana website, you can look up a provider’s name or check to see if your dentist is a participating provider. You may quickly search by zip code to identify new nearby in-network . Also see more:Scholarships Nigerian Students Without IELTS 2023 (Fully Funded)

A good strategy to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses is to use in-network providers. You have a decent chance of discovering an in-network dentist close to home if you have access to a wide network of providers.

Cons and advantages of Humana Dental Insurance

High J.D. Power rating; offers no-waiting time plans
Continual deductibles
pros are outlined
possesses a strong J.D. Power rating
Based on feedback from more than 1,200 participants, Humana Dental Insurance was rated as having the highest overall customer satisfaction in 2022. The cost, coverage, communications, customer service, and claims and reimbursement were all taken into account in this J.D. Power study.

offers no-waiting period insurance policies
You typically have to wait a certain amount of time after signing up for a dental insurance plan before receiving coverage for any services other than preventative ones. Two plans from Humana come with no waiting periods at all. There is no waiting period for preventative and basic services under the Preventative Value plan. You can benefit from coverage for preventative, fundamental, and major services starting on day one with the Loyalty Plus plan.Also see more:AARP Life Insurance: Comprehensive Coverage for Seniors and Beyond

Continual Deductibles

Humana offers dental insurance policies with lifetime deductibles, in contrast to the majority of dental insurance plans that have yearly deductibles. There is a $50 individual lifetime deductible for the Preventative Value plan. The annual deductible for the family plan is $50 per person and is capped at $150 for the duration of the coverage. Long-term financial savings are possible with lifetime deductibles.Also see more:Canadian Permanent Jobs 2023 With Work Permit – Apply Now

Cons are outlined

there are enrollment costs
The Dental Value insurance plan has a $35 one-time enrollment fee as well as a $1 monthly administrative charge. Dental Savings Plus, a dental discount plan, charges a $15 one-time enrollment fee as well as a $1 administrative fee per month. Read the small print to make sure you are aware of the fees associated with your plan because not all plans include enrollment . Also see more:How to Travel to Canada Without Visa – [Complete Guide In 2023]

low maximum yearly benefits

Although each plan’s annual maximum benefits are different, most have a $1,250 per person cap. This might be sufficient to pay for you for the entire year, depending on your particular dental needs. The low annual maximum will likely be a deal breaker if you require substantial services. Even if you have excellent oral health, dental issues may arise without warning. Humana’s low benefit cap may force you to foot a sizable bill if this occurs.Also see more:HOW TO APPLY FOR CHINESE STUDENT VISA IN 2023/24

Dental insurance coverage and services from Humana

Six dental insurance plans and a dental savings plan are available via Humana. In contrast to other dental savings plans, Humana’s dental savings plan gives you a discount on dental work with a limited number of providers while covering none of your dental expenses.

Not every state offers all Humana Dental Insurance plans. Visit the Humana website or give them a call to speak with a qualified Humana sales agent to learn more about the plans that are available where you live. The Complete Dental, Loyalty Plus, and Preventive Value dental insurance plans, three of Humana’s most popular offerings, are discussed in this section. Location affects the cost of premium goods.Also see more:Allied Healthcare Scholarship Program in 2023/24 – Apply Now

Finished Dental
The most costly plan offered by Humana is Complete Dental. The yearly benefit cap for your first year of coverage is $1,250 per person. In the second year, it rises to $1,500. The deductible is $50 for individuals and $150 for families. There is a 12-month waiting period for significant services and a six-month waiting period for basic services, however there is no registration cost. The following coverage is offered by the Complete Dental plan:

You pay nothing for standard check-ups, tests, and X-rays.
Simple extractions and fillings cost 20% of the total bill after the deductible.
After your deductible, your costs for oral surgery, root canals, crowns, and dentures are 50%.
Orthodontics: Not covered, although there might be a discount.
L+ Loyalty
The Loyalty Plus plan gets its name from the fact that your benefits grow every year that you stay with Humana, while your savings are capped after the first three years of coverage. For the duration of the plan, there is a one-time deductible. Families pay $450, while individuals pay $150. The annual cap on benefits rises every year. The first year’s fee is $1,000; the second year’s fee is $1,250; the third year’s fee is $1,500; and so on for each subsequent year. There isn’t a waiting time or enrollment cost.

The following coverage is offered by the Loyalty Plus plan. Deductibles for Years 1/2/3+ are displayed:

You pay nothing for standard check-ups, tests, and X-rays.
After the deductible, you pay 60%/45%/30% for fillings and easy extractions.
After the deductible, your costs for oral surgery, root canals, crowns, and dentures are 80%, 70%, and 50%.
Orthodontics: Not covered, although there might be a discount.
Compared to Complete Dental, the Loyalty Plus plan is more expensive, but it is less expensive than the Preventive Value plan. If you presently have decent dental health but anticipate needing more work done once your benefits have improved, it might be a wise decision.Also see more:How To Earn Money on Fiverr-Upwork without learning skills

Value in Preventing

The Preventive Value plan from Humana provides economical coverage with constrained features. There is no cap on annual plans. There is a $50 lifetime deductible for people. Families have a $150 lifetime coverage cap and a $50 per person deductible. There isn’t a waiting time or enrollment cost. The following coverage is offered by the Preventive Value plan:

After the lifetime deductible, you pay nothing for routine cleanings, exams, and X-rays.
After the lifetime deductible, you pay 50% for fillings and easy extractions.
Dentures, root canals, crowns, and oral surgery are not covered.
Dental braces: not covered.
Dental Insurance from Humana Pricing
The monthly premiums for Humana Dental Insurance differ by state. Here are numerous samples of per-person monthly premiums from various states.




$27.99 for Preventive Plus.
$36.99 for Loyalty Plus
Total dental care: $64.9
On the Humana website, you can request a free, no-obligation quotation to learn the costs in your state.

Finances of Humana Dental Insurance are sound.
A financially sound business is Humana. AM Best, a credit rating organization that specializes in insurance companies, has given it an A- rating. According to Fitch Ratings, Humana has outstanding financial performance and flexibility, as well as the capacity to pay back debt and get fresh funding.

Accessible Humana Dental Insurance
Accessibility of a service is impacted by numerous factors. We examined the regional accessibility of Humana Dental Insurance. We also considered the accessibility and availability of Humana’s contact information. Finally, we took into account user experiences based on consumer reviews.


Not all Humana dental insurance policies are offered everywhere. None are made available in all states. Additionally, prices vary widely from state to state. You must either get an online quotation or call to speak with an agent in order to learn which plans are available in your area and how much they cost.

Contact details
On the corporate website, it is simple to obtain Humana Dental Insurance’s contact details. For various plan participants, the website displays several numbers. Monday through Friday, you can phone and speak with a representative. The telephone number for Humana Dental Insurance is 1-855-202-4075. For persons with hearing impairments, there is a TTY number. There are representatives accessible who speak Spanish, according to the website. The business’s website also makes it simple to find its mailing address.

User encounter
Online client reviews are inconsistent. According to several customers, Humana Dental Insurance’s customer service is friendly and the business handles claims fast.

In the last three years, Humana Dental has received 197 complaints from the Better Business Bureau. Nearly every complaint is about a billing problem, such as customers being charged even after canceling their subscriptions or having trouble getting reimbursements for services. 20 complaints were made to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) about Humana Dental in 2022.

You can read about your plan and benefits, examine claims, look for a provider, and access your digital insurance cards via the Humana mobile app, MyHumana.

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FAQ about Humana Dental Insurance
How do you submit a Humana Dental Insurance application?

On the Humana website, you can apply online, or you can phone and speak to an agent. Available Monday through Friday are sales representatives. It’s easy to start a quote online. You can view the dental plans that are accessible to you after providing your age and the state where you reside. You must enter your name, date of birth, contact details, and those of anyone else who will be covered by the plan in order to purchase one. After that, you sign a contract and submit payment information to pay your premium. Online plan purchases from Humana are quick and simple.

How may Humana Dental Insurance be cancelled?

How are copies of Humana Dental Insurance cards obtained?
Analyses of Humana Dental Insurance
Based on a variety of criteria, we assessed Humana Dental Insurance, including:

Network of providers – We took into account the number of providers and how easily accessible their locations were across the country.
Pricing – When data was available, we compared the cost of the plan to any potential cost savings for the consumer.
Variety of available plans – We looked at the variety of plans and the users they might be appealing to.
Types of coverage provided – For each plan, we took into account both the level and the limits of coverage.
Customer satisfaction – The data for this study comes from J.D. Power surveys as well as online review sites.
The availability of each plan was examined, along with how well it will serve people countrywide.

Review of Humana Dental Insurance by Money in brief

Dental insurance is a terrific method to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for expensive dental care. Due to its extensive provider network and wide range of dental plans, Humana is one of Money’s finest dental insurance providers. Remember that not all plans are offered in every state, and internet customer ratings are generally unfavorable. If you want advantages like 100% coverage of all preventative treatment, over 335,000 Humana Dental Insurance providers, six insurance plans with a dental savings plan, and simple enrollment, go with Humana Dental.



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