English study grants from Leslie-Ann Hales at King’s University in Canada for 2023

Apply for English study grants from Leslie-Ann Hales at King’s University in Canada for 2023/2024.

Description: Looking for a chance to spend this academic year studying in Canada? This one is for you! All local and international students may now apply for Leslie-Ann Hales English Study Grants at King’s University in Canada

All qualified candidates who desire to begin their studies at the University for the academic year 2022–2023 are eligible to apply for the study grant.

English study grants from Leslie-Ann Hales at King's University in Canada

Brief History About kings University

King’s University, a private university in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is ranked 52nd in Regional Universities South. S

students and communities in western Canada and abroad, The King’s University is a Christian university located in Edmonton. Every year, new friendships that will last a lifetime are made at King’s.

King’s University is dedicated to the very best standards of excellence in both teaching and research.

Several individuals appointed to Canada Research Chairs, 3M Teaching Award winners, and notable business leaders call the university home.

King’s is renowned for its lively, compact campus, student-to-professor ratio, and readily available resources for academic, mental health, and well-being.

For student-faculty interaction, a welcoming campus, and educational excellence, the university consistently receives top rankings and accolades on national surveys. It’s understandable why King claims to have a 98% post-grad employment rate.

English study grants from Leslie-Ann Hales at King’s University in Canada

Focus on Academic Excellence:

King’s University has dedicated itself for more than 40 years to the absolute best standards of excellence in both teaching and research.

All of King’s programs have the government of Alberta’s approval, and a strong liberal arts curriculum supports disciplinary learning.

Each of the university’s bachelor’s degree programs, including the Leder School of Business and the Micah Centre for Justice and Development, offers students the chance to learn from and conduct research with faculty members who are experts in their fields. Several industry leaders, 3M Teaching Award winners, and Canada Research Chair nominees are based at the university.

Dedicated Community:

Since the university’s founding in 1979, creating a Christian learning community where everyone can belong and prosper has been a key concern.

King’s University is well renowned for its lively, close-knit campus, low student-to-professor ratio, readily available academic, mental health, and wellness resources, faculty availability outside of the classroom, and as a place where lifelong connections are created each year.

Students at King’s have chances to learn and develop outside of the classroom. Success before and after graduation is greatly aided by internships, guided study, practicum placements, hands-on learning, career and vocation counseling, and off-campus field learning.

King’s University makes direct and indirect investments in capital, research, student services, and other areas that total about $46.5 million annually in the province’s economy. More money is produced by our alumni. The best things come in tiny packages!

The goal of King is to have a transformative effect on the world. It is possible to experience renewal and reconciliation in all spheres of life, and King’s University assists in realizing this vision by empowering students and faculty alike to advance the common good and the kingdom of God.

Programs educate students for a variety of professional study and graduate programs, as well as employment in commerce, elementary education, applied and health science, government, industry, and more.

King’s University places a high focus on inquiry-based instruction that considers all aspects of its environment. They are committed to academic freedom and to cooperating across lines of disagreement in opinion, conviction, and expression.

The University acknowledges that the pursuit of knowledge depends on the right to free speech, discussion, and criticism.

All members of the King’s community, including the board, faculty, staff, and students, are free to express their opinions as they see fit, as long as they do so in a way that is consistent with the university’s mission, vision, and values as well as Canadian and Albertan law. Visitors on campus are expected to respect and abide by all relevant University policies and legal requirements.

King’s University is an active participant in and a proud member of the organizations and institutions listed below.

The Government of Alberta, Universities Canada, as well as numerous other institutions and professional associations completely accredit all bachelor’s, diploma, and certificate programs.

The King’s University exists to provide higher education that motivates and prepares students to be disciples of Jesus Christ, the Servant-King, who brings rebirth and reconciliation to every walk of life.

Eligibility Requirements for English study grants from Leslie-Ann Hales at King’s University in Canada:

  1. You must fulfill the entry requirements for each qualification you want to pursue in order to be accepted.
  2. A student must apply and meet the eligibility requirements, which include having high school admission grades that average at least 80% or a post-secondary GPA of 3.30 or better with a record of achievement in English studies.
  3. Candidates must demonstrate their proficiency in both spoken and written English.
  4. Candidates must hold high school diplomas and have exemplary academic records.
  5. Official transcripts from your high school and any post-secondary institutions you may have attended, including Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate, YWAM, Capernwray, and other programs of a similar nature, are required by King’s.

Study Level: Bachelor of Arts degree

Benefits English study grants from Leslie-Ann Hales

  1. The chosen candidates will each receive £1,000 toward the cost of a Bachelor of Arts degree program in the UK.
  2. Application Procedure via English study grants from Leslie-Ann Hales at King’s University:
  3. Candidates must be admitted to King’s University’s Bachelor’s degree program in order to be considered for the scholarship position. All qualified students must then submit an application for the grant.

Please kindly visit the University’s Official Website to apply

The application Deadline is August 15, 2023

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