Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship-Danish Sisterhood of America

What is the Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship Danish Sisterhood of America? Under the umbrella of Danish Sister Hood of America, multiple scholarships are granted to highly talented and worthy students with the motto to not only strengthen the Danish heritage and ensure the traditions remain strengthened and preserved over longer terms for upcoming generations.

Under the DSH, one of the prior and prestigious Elizabeth Garde National Scholarships allows medical and nursing students to not only learn about Danish culture and traditions but cordially invites you to join one of the largest national Danish organizations preserving, and sharing the customs along with excelling in their relevant fields to give a new mission, vision and the idea for their plans.

Every year the scholarships are announced, and once awarded to a person won’t make it legible to appear and get selected next time. The Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship is only received once, so what are you waiting for? Get on board to find your dream spot and get highly qualified from the world’s best institutions.

Award value:

Under the Elizbeth Garde national scholarship, the selected students are offered an award of

Sponsoring Organization

The Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship is granted by the Danish Sisterhood of America.

Eligibility Criteria

Applications are invited from;

 Applicant must be a female (health care student) residing in the US.
 Students pursuing associate degrees
 Must be a member or child of the Danish Sisterhood in good standing (01 year) before the application deadline.
 Applicant must be having GPA (grade point average) of 3.0 in previous grades.
 Post-high school students or graduate students are invited to seek nursing or other medical professional degrees.
 Previously received awarded students aren’t eligible.
 Priorities are given to fresh applicants.
 Applicants in high school non-eligible.

Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship-Danish Sisterhood of America

Verification Deadlines

Verification occurs during the following deadlines, so the user must ensure they submit the
original documents before the application deadline.
Must provide matriculation degree to get Verified by the following deadlines;
 Verification of Matriculation for 1st semester: October 31 st
 Verification of Matriculation for 2nd semester: December 15th

Programs Offered

 Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship for Nursing
 Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship for Medical Sciences


On Offer: 08 awards per year
One Grant Program: 10 awards per year
One Grant Program
one grant offers 10 rewards annually and is equally divided and given as"

 05 for the January Round grant in “February."
 05 for the August Round grant in “September."

Selection Criteria

Applicants are selected purely through the ACSP Annual Competitive Selection Process, and
only the top selected candidates get awarded the predefined award to peruse their higher

Required Documents

The applicant is bound to provide original documents including:
 A certified transcript of school
 A certified transcript of college
 A certified transcript of scores
 Original and current character reference letters in sealed envelopes (02 0r 03)
 Verification of granted awards
 Certificate of special recognition
 Certificate of achievements
 Cocurricular activities awards

Application Submission

Those students interested in the scholarship can apply through the given Application Form in
the link and submit the form to Nealna Gylling, DSS National Trustee-Scholarship 1474
Floan Road Point, Brainerd, MN 56401, or email at trustee2@danishsisterhood.com. Once
received you would be informed.

Application Deadline:

Deadline: 1st March each year
Students and professionals are requested to apply by 1st March (each year).

Contact Information:

Application submission Location: Nealna Gylling, DSS National Trustee-Scholarship 1474
Floan Road Point, Brainerd, MN 56401
Website URL: http://www.danishsisterhood.org/scholarships-grants.html
Official Email: trustee2@danishsisterhood.com
Phone number: 612-390-1374


Can a US nationality apply for the program?

Yes, a US nationality is eligible to apply under the Elizabeth Garde Nursing Scholarship and
perceive their dream to become a medical professional or nurse.

Am I Eligible for Elizabeth Garde Nursing Scholarship?

Students with a minimum 3.0 GPA in their previous grades are eligible for the Elizabeth Garde
Nursing Scholarship with no previous proof of pre-rewarded scholarship.

How am I informed of my registration confirmation?

Students and professionals are informed through email of their successful registration under the
Elizabeth Garde Nursing Scholarship and once confirmed, are a timely guide through their
official mailing trustee2@danishsisterhood.com.

Are first-time applicants prioritized for the EGN scholarship?

If you are applying for the first time, then the Elizabeth Garde Nursing Scholarship would
prioritize your application for award approval compared to another standing with more than a
single attempt.

what’s the last date of form submission for the Elizabeth Barde National scholarship?

The Elizabeth Garde Nursing Scholarship is awarded each year, and the last date for
application submission ends on 1 st march. So, before it’s late, submit it!

Is there any registration fee?

No, there isn’t any registration fee for the form submission. Any student perceiving nursing and
medical degrees can easily apply through these scholarships, and selected ones would be
granted the reward and an opportunity to study in prestigious institutes.

What documents are required for verification?

A matriculation degree would be required to get verified for 1 st and 2 nd semesters. Follow the
given deadlines to avoid any issues.

Is the program continued?

The scholarships are awarded each year, but the longevity depends upon investment returns
and donations. These factors play a crucial role in the continuation of the Elizabeth Garde
National scholarship program. Until the funding is raised and with proper donation sit would
remain continues and offered deserving students the chance to set their future bright.

Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship Danish sisterhood of America
Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship Danish sisterhood of America


Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship under Danish Sister Hood of America is inviting medical and health students Giving All the Games on How to Crush and Achieve Their future medical College Goals to pursue a higher degree and gain reputable positions in the top organizations. With continuation to each year, scholarships are granted to top-selected candidates who are encouraged to benefit from the source.

To achieve your dreams and become a well-qualified nurse or health care professional. Review the guide, and if eligible fill out the form to make your spot fix for the scholarship. For any queries, use our contact info section. We hope you pursue and excel in your degree with honor, honesty, and dedication!

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