Direct Hiring Nurses Job for USA hospitals in 2023/24 – Apply Now

Do you want to Work in the USA? are you searching for Medical | Clearlite in the USA? Free job in the USA. apply for Direct Hiring Nurses for USA hospitals. 

How can I apply for nursing jobs in USA?
Direct Hiring Nurses for USA hospitals

Numerous Positions:

The following nurses are needed for direct placements with top hospitals around the USA.

• Heart and Vascular Services

Care for the Critical

• Hospital Emergency Room

Surgical Suite

• Nurse in the ICU

• Nurse in the CCU

• Nurse working in NICU

• Registered Nurse, Cath Lab

• Nurse in the PICU

• Nurse specializing in childbirth

Neonatal Nursing Assistant

• Nursing Staff in Operating Rooms

Nursing Specialist in Cardiovascular Intensive Care

• Nurse with cardiac care

• Nursing specialist in oncology

• Nursing Care for Trauma

RN’s advantages Excellent pay, dental and health insurance are all features of registered nurses.

Atlanta, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, Florida, Kansas, Colorado, Montana, Ohio,

Requirements for applying as an international nurse

1. Preference for BS in Nursing

NCLEX, IELTS, and visa screening certification

3. Two years’ worth of experience working in a hospital

If the candidate is qualified, we can help/assist them in obtaining the immigration and certification needed to work in the USA.

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Technician in medicine

The Clinical Laboratory Supervisor, Lab Manager, and Lab Director will serve as the Medical Laboratory Technologist’s supervisors while they are working in the laboratory. All laboratory specimens received, including those for microbiology, hematology, histology, virology, blood banking, and chemistry, will undergo qualitative examination by the medical laboratory technologist.

executes all clinical laboratory processes for statistics.

Prepare each quality control sample or solution and determine its values in accordance with departmental and regulatory requirements.

checks all patient test findings at the lab for accuracy and validity.

ensures that each test result entered into the hospital information systems is verified and documented (HDS).

performs basic and sophisticated system maintenance.

Discusses test results, performance, critical values, and panic values with the nursing and medical staff.

While supervisor is not present, performs the duties of the main laboratory technician.

tests on the clinical instruments are calibrated using the correct protocols.

Compile inventories of the stat lab’s materials.

follows the department/instructions unit’s and participates in yearly in-service and educational training.

plays a part in testing regulating organizations’ proficiency surveys.

provides the incoming shift supervisor and personnel with documentation of all laboratory dispositions.

having the capacity to comprehend and interpret the clinical implications of clinical assays/tests.

as necessary, carry out more tasks.

Essential requirements:

  • An authorized college or university’s bachelor’s degree in medical technology or a similar subject.
  • Working in a clinical lab for a year (Completion of an internship program at a qualified institution is acceptable).
  • Interpersonal and effective communication abilities are needed

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Preferable credentials include:

  • understanding of HCLL
  • working knowledge of a busy hospital
  • Preferable credentials include ASCP, NCA, BB, or SBB
  • Certificate for CGFNS Visa Screening

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