Top Auto Hauler Insurance Companies in 2023: Safeguarding Your Business and Cargo at No Cost

Top Auto Hauler Insurance Companies 2023: Free Business and Cargo Protection

Auto hauler insurance is a specialized type of commercial insurance that plays a crucial role in protecting businesses engaged in transporting multiple vehicles. The primary responsibility of auto haulers is to safely transport cars from one place to another, often covering long distances. However, this task involves inherent risks and potential liabilities. This is where auto hauler insurance steps in to provide essential protection.

Regardless of whether you run a large fleet or own a small car carrier business, having the right insurance coverage is of utmost importance for the safety of your business, employees, and the valuable cargo you transport. Auto hauler insurance offers comprehensive coverage against a range of risks, including damage to the vehicles being transported, theft, accidents, and other potential losses that may occur during transit.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into various aspects of auto hauler insurance, such as the available coverage options, factors that influence insurance costs, and the significance of having adequate insurance for the prosperity and security of your auto hauling business. By understanding these aspects, you can make informed decisions about selecting the appropriate insurance coverage for your specific needs.

Top Auto Hauler Insurance Companies 2023: Free Business and Cargo Protection

What is Auto Hauler Insurance Companies

Auto hauler insurance companies refer to insurance providers that specialize in offering coverage specifically designed for auto-hauling businesses. These companies understand the unique risks and liabilities associated with transporting multiple vehicles and provide insurance solutions to protect against potential losses.

Transporting/hauling vehicles is no easy feat, and with challenges like high operating costs and various cargo risks, carriers could use some support.

When you’re charged with bringing vehicles between staging yards, dealerships, and private residences, the right insurance for car haulers can help you stay on track.

Auto Hauler Insurance Companies Coverage

Auto hauler insurance companies offer a range of coverage options, including:

  1. Auto Liability Insurance: This coverage protects against third-party bodily injury and property damage claims that may arise from accidents involving the auto hauler’s vehicles.
  2. Physical Damage Coverage: This coverage insures the vehicles being transported against damage or loss during transit, including collision, theft, fire, or vandalism.
  3. Cargo Insurance: Cargo insurance provides coverage for the vehicles being transported in case of damage or loss during transit. It typically includes protection against theft, collision, fire, and other perils.
  4. General Liability Insurance: This coverage protects against non-auto-related liability claims, such as slips and falls at the business premises or damage to customer property.
  5. Workers’ Compensation Insurance: This insurance provides coverage for work-related injuries or illnesses suffered by employees of the auto hauling business.

Auto hauler insurance companies work closely with auto carriers to assess their specific needs and customize insurance policies to adequately cover their operations. These companies may also provide risk management and loss control services to help businesses mitigate potential risks and reduce insurance claims.

Top Best Auto Hauler Insurance Companies

Whether you need single-car hauler insurance or coverage for your multi-car haulage company, the insurance company you choose has a significant impact on your success. Your decision is influenced by your requirements. In general, you want a carrier that can provide cost-saving opportunities while also providing adequate coverage.

The top five car transporter insurance companies are listed below. Read the reviews below to learn about their pros, cons, and pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage.

Determining the “best” auto hauler insurance company depends on various factors, including the specific needs and preferences of the auto hauling business. However, here are some well-regarded auto hauler insurance companies known for their expertise and comprehensive coverage options:

1. Progressive Commercial – Progressive Auto Hauler Insurance

Progressive is a reputable insurance provider with a strong presence in the commercial auto insurance market. They offer customizable policies for auto haulers, including coverage for vehicles, liability, and cargo. Progressive is known for its competitive rates and user-friendly online tools.


  • Free state and federal filing
  • Availability of online car hauler insurance estimates
  • Quick reimbursement of insurance claims within 48 hours
  • Progressive insurance products are available countrywide


  • At Progressive, you have to purchase insurance from an agent
  • History of customer complaints

Progressive has offices in over 50 states and is staffed by professional underwriters who are well-versed in the commercial car hauler insurance industry. The company offers customized insurance plans with flexible coverage as well as payment gateways. Customers can also obtain discounted car hauler insurance quotes online. It supports its insurance services with specialized customer service and free federal and state filings. Furthermore, if you have a valid insurance claim, Progressive will process the settlement amount within 48 hours.

  • Average cost: $640 per month
  • Best for: Car hauling companies looking for auto hauler insurance with free federal and state filings
  • Our rating: 8/10

2. Coverwallet Car Hauler Insurance

CoverWallet is an online insurance platform that offers a range of commercial insurance products, including coverage for car haulers. While CoverWallet does not underwrite insurance policies themselves, they provide a convenient platform for small businesses to compare quotes and purchase insurance from various insurance carriers. Here’s what you can expect when using CoverWallet for car hauler insurance:

  1. Online Platform: CoverWallet provides an easy-to-use online platform where car haulers can enter their business information and receive multiple insurance quotes from different insurance carriers. This allows you to compare coverage options and pricing in one place.
  2. Customized Coverage: CoverWallet understands the specific needs of car haulers and can help you find insurance coverage that suits your business. They work with various insurance carriers to provide customizable policies based on factors like the size of your fleet, the types of vehicles you transport, and other risk factors associated with your operations.
  3. Multiple Insurance Carriers: CoverWallet partners with a network of insurance carriers, including both national and regional providers, to offer a range of options for car hauler insurance. This allows you to access quotes and coverage from multiple carriers, giving you the flexibility to choose the policy that best fits your needs and budget.
  4. Support and Service: CoverWallet provides customer support to assist you throughout the insurance process, from obtaining quotes to policy management. They have a team of licensed insurance professionals who can answer your questions, guide you through the application process, and help you understand the coverage options available to you.


  • A suitable car hauler insurance company for customers looking for value for their money
  • Provides online insurance quotes;
  • customers can also purchase insurance online
  • Wide-ranging insurance options for new auto hauler and established car hauler businesses
  • Flexible haulers’ insurance payment


  • Not an insurer but an insurance broker; you’ll purchase insurance from a third-party

Coverwallet is not a typical insurance company. It is a commercial insurance aggregator, which means that it works with insurance companies to sell quotes.

Consider Coverwallet if you’re looking for a car hauler insurance company that provides good value. It runs a website where both old and new car haulers can easily get quotes and buy insurance online. Customers can complete their purchases in minutes using online solutions.

Average cost: $750 per month

Best for: Car hauler insurance quotes comparison online

Our Rating: 10/10

3. State Farm Car Hauler Insurance

State Farm is a well-known insurance company that offers a variety of insurance products, including commercial auto insurance. While State Farm provides coverage for various types of businesses, including auto haulers, it’s important to note that they may not offer specific “car hauler insurance” as a specialized product. However, State Farm’s commercial auto insurance can still provide coverage for car-hauling businesses. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  1. Commercial Auto Coverage: State Farm offers commercial auto insurance that can be tailored to the needs of car haulers. This coverage typically includes liability protection for bodily injury and property damage, as well as coverage for physical damage to your hauling vehicles.
  2. Cargo Coverage: State Farm’s commercial auto insurance may provide options for cargo coverage. While the specific details of cargo coverage may vary, it typically protects the vehicles being transported against damage or loss during transit.
  3. Additional Coverages: State Farm’s commercial auto insurance may offer additional coverages that can be beneficial to car haulers, such as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, roadside assistance, and rental reimbursement coverage.
  4. Customizable Policies: State Farm works with businesses to customize insurance policies based on their specific needs. By assessing your operations, fleet size, and other factors, State Farm can tailor coverage options that best suit your car hauling business.


  • Excellent car carrier insurance in terms of customer satisfaction
  • Car hauler insurance coverage available across the US


  • State Farm’s coverage is limited by mileage

If you judge a good insurance-shopping experience by the quality of customer service, you might want to get your haulers auto insurance from State Farm. The insurance company ranks highly for customer satisfaction and has the lowest customer complaint rate in the market.

State Farm provides car haulers insurance policies for both small and large auto trucking companies. State Farm cargo insurance is available in all states, but you must first locate an agent.

Average cost: $971 per month

Best for: Car trucking companies searching for auto hauler insurance with excellent customer service

Our Rating: 8/10

Top Auto Hauler Insurance Companies 2023

4. Sentry Car Hauler Insurance

Sentry Insurance has been serving commercial customers for over a century and offers comprehensive insurance solutions for the transportation industry. They provide auto hauler insurance coverage options, including liability, physical damage, and cargo insurance, tailored to the needs of car carriers.

Sentry Car Hauler Insurance is a specialized insurance product offered by Sentry Insurance, a reputable insurance provider with a focus on commercial insurance solutions. Here is a brief overview of Sentry Car Hauler Insurance:

  1. Tailored Coverage: Sentry Insurance understands the unique risks faced by car haulers and offers tailored coverage options to meet their specific needs. They provide customizable policies that can be designed to suit the size of your fleet, the types of vehicles you transport, and the particular risks associated with your business operations.
  2. Comprehensive Protection: Sentry Car Hauler Insurance typically includes coverage for a variety of risks, such as auto liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage, physical damage coverage for your hauling vehicles, cargo protection, and coverage for theft, fire, or vandalism. This comprehensive protection helps safeguard your business against potential financial losses arising from accidents, theft, or damage during transportation.
  3. Experience and Expertise: Sentry Insurance has extensive experience in the commercial insurance industry and understands the complexities of the transportation sector. They have a strong financial backing and provide specialized expertise in assessing and managing the risks faced by car haulers. With their industry knowledge, they can help you identify potential risks and develop effective strategies to mitigate them.
  4. Loss Control Services: In addition to insurance coverage, Sentry Insurance offers loss control services to assist car haulers in managing risks and improving safety. These services may include safety training programs, risk assessments, and guidelines to help you implement best practices in your operations and reduce the likelihood of accidents or incidents.

Sentry Car Hauler Insurance aims to provide comprehensive coverage and risk management support to car hauling businesses, ensuring that they are adequately protected against potential liabilities and losses.


  • Best car hauler insurance provider for single-car haulers
  • Highly personalized insurance plans and purchasing experience
  • Affordable car trailer insurance from an experienced provider


  • The company doesn’t provide online auto hauler insurance quotes
  • Customers have to purchase cargo insurance from a broker

While other trucking companies provide haulers car insurance for their large businesses with truck fleets, Sentry specializes in providing one of the most affordable car hauler insurance. It provides customers with personalized service and insurance customizations.

Sentry has been in the insurance industry for over 120 years and has extensive experience in tailoring insurance plans and customer satisfaction. Although the company primarily serves single-truck owners, it also offers car carrier insurance to large fleets. The only disadvantage is that it does not provide online quotes and requires customers to work with a Sentry insurance agent.

  • Average cost: $943 per month
  • Best for: Single auto haulers
  • Our Rating:   8/10

5. The Hartford Car Hauler Insurance

Hartford Car Hauler Insurance is a specialized insurance product offered by The Hartford, a well-known insurance company. Here are three key features of Hartford Car Hauler Insurance:

  1. Tailored Coverage Options: The Hartford understands the unique risks faced by car haulers and provides coverage options specifically designed for their needs. They offer customizable policies that can be tailored to match the size of your fleet, the types of vehicles you transport, and the specific risks associated with your business.
  2. Comprehensive Protection: Hartford Car Hauler Insurance typically includes coverage for a range of risks, such as liability for bodily injury and property damage, physical damage to your hauling vehicles, cargo protection, and coverage for theft, fire, or vandalism. By providing comprehensive protection, this insurance helps safeguard your business against potential financial losses.
  3. Risk Management Resources: The Hartford not only offers insurance coverage but also provides valuable risk management resources to help car haulers mitigate potential risks and improve safety. These resources may include training materials, safety guidelines, and expert advice to help you implement best practices in your operations and reduce the likelihood of accidents or incidents.


  • Quality and discounted car hauler insurance coverage backed by a strong history in the industry
  • A suitable insurance carrier for an auto hauler operating a fleet
  • Insurance products available countrywide
  • Provides complimentary coverage


  • Auto-hauling insurance quotes are unavailable online

The Hartford is a leading provider of auto transport insurance, having been in business for over 200 years and offering products such as single-car hauler insurance and multi-commercial car haulage insurance.

The company is one of the best insurance carriers for an auto-hauling company with multiple trucks and trailers. Auto haulers’ insurance plans are available at highly competitive prices throughout the United States. Because the company does not provide auto transporters insurance quotes online, expect to deal with an insurance agent.

  • Average cost$825 per month
  • Best forCar haulers with an extended fleet
  • Our Rating: 8/10

6. Northland Insurance

As part of the Travelers Group, Northland Insurance specializes in providing insurance solutions for the transportation industry. They have extensive experience in auto hauler insurance and offer tailored coverage options to meet the unique needs of car carriers.

7. Canal Insurance Company

Canal Insurance Company has been serving the transportation industry since 1939 and has a solid reputation for its expertise in providing insurance coverage for auto haulers. They offer a range of specialized coverage options, including auto liability, physical damage, and cargo insurance.

8. Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies is a well-known insurance provider offering a range of commercial insurance solutions, including coverage for auto haulers. They have a strong financial backing and provide customized insurance policies to meet the specific needs of businesses in the transportation industry.

Top Auto Hauler Insurance Providers in 2023: Safeguarding Your Business and Cargo at No Cost

Auto Hauler Insurance Requirements

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) specifies the insurance requirements each auto hauling company must meet.

In brief, there are three auto transport insurance requirements, viz:

  1. There must be a  minimum of $1,000,000 in liability coverage.
  2. You’ll also need to meet the minimum of $750,000 to cover specialized operations,
  3. Furthermore, you’ll need $100,000-$500,000 cargo insurance to cover the costs of cargo damage or loss resulting from theft or vandalism.

Even when you transport economy to mid-range vehicles, you can expect each car to be worth at least $20,000 and $25,000. Other auto haulers transport vehicles valued at $50,000, and if you transport five of these, you’re looking at a total cargo value of $250,000. That’s why it’s recommended to carry a minimum of $250,000 in cargo coverage.

The amount you pay for cargo coverage depends on various factors which include:

  1. The type of hauling business you run
  2. What types of cars do you haul? Do you transport new, pre-used, or salvaged vehicles?
  3. The average distance you cover when delivering cargo
  4. Your drivers’ profile and reputation
  5. The number of car-hauling companies you manage
  6. Your company’s total accident rate and traffic tickets

Auto Hauler Insurance Companies

Car Hauler Insurance Cost

A major concern for any customer purchasing auto hauler insurance is the monthly premiums. Car haulage is a risky job with high liability concerns, contributing to pricey car hauling insurance rates.

So how much is insurance for a car hauler? The most accurate way to determine the cost is to look at the insurance premiums for a company using a 1-car hauler, 2-car hauler, 3-car hauler, and so on.

  • 1 Car Hauler Insurance Cost: The cost of 1 car hauler insurance is $810 a month or $9,720 a year for a $1 million liability policy.
  • 2 Car Hauler Insurance Cost: 2 car hauler insurance premium is $952 a month or $11,424 a year for a $1 million liability coverage.
  • 3 Car Hauler Insurance Cost: The cost of 3 car hauler insurance having $1 million liability coverage is $989 a month or $11,868 a year.
  • 4-Car Hauler Insurance Cost: Policyholders of 4 car hauler insurance pay $1,113 a month or $13,356 a year for a $1 million liability coverage.
  • 5-Car Hauler Insurance Cost: The cost of a 5 car hauler insurance offering $1 million liability coverage is $1,156 a month or $13,872 a year.

For further reference, here’s a table showing the pricing of the best auto hauler insurance companies for car hauling insurance:

Insurance Company

Cost per MonthCost per YearBest For:
CoverWallet$750$9,000Car hauler insurance quotes comparison online
Progressive$640$7,680Car hauling companies looking for auto hauler insurance free federal and state filings
The Hartford$825$9,900Car haulers with an extended fleet
Sentry$943$11,316Single auto haulers
State Farm$971$11,652Car trucking companies searching for auto hauler insurance with excellent customer service

How Much Does A Car Hauler Make?

So, how much do car carriers make? The average annual income for a car hauler business is $80,052. We can also calculate how much car haulers make per hour or per month, which is $38.49 and $6,671, respectively.

Nonetheless, the pay for car haulers varies greatly, with some earning more than $119,000 and others earning as little as $42,000, depending on the type or value of the cargo.

Overall, there are no hard and fast rules for determining how much auto transporters earn. The figures we provided are just estimates based on various factors. The cargo and miles traveled are two factors that influence how much car haulers make.

How Much Does A Car Hauler Cost?

The table below shows the pricing for 1 car hauler, 2 car hauler, and others:

Number of Car

1 Car Hauler$3,500
2 Car Hauler$5,613
3 Car Hauler$9,000
4 Car Hauler$12,452
5 Car Hauler$15,000

Factors Affecting Auto Hauler Insurance Costs

Several factors can influence the cost of auto hauler insurance. Insurance companies consider these factors when determining premiums for your coverage. While the specific impact and weightage of each factor may vary among insurance providers, here are some common factors that can affect the cost of auto hauler insurance:

  1. Type of Vehicles: The types of vehicles you transport can influence insurance costs. Factors such as the value, size, weight, and condition of the vehicles play a role. Higher-value vehicles or oversized vehicles may have higher insurance premiums due to increased potential for damage or theft.
  2. Fleet Size: The size of your auto-hauling fleet can impact insurance costs. Insuring a larger fleet may result in higher premiums due to the increased risk exposure and potential for claims.
  3. Driving Records: The driving records of the drivers operating your hauling vehicles can affect insurance costs. Insurance companies assess the driving histories of your drivers, including their accident history, traffic violations, and experience. Drivers with clean records and extensive experience may result in lower premiums.
  4. Coverage Limits: The coverage limits you choose for your auto hauler insurance can influence the cost. Higher coverage limits generally lead to higher premiums. It’s important to strike a balance between adequate coverage and affordable premiums.
  5. Deductibles: The deductibles you select for your insurance policy can impact the cost. A higher deductible means you will bear more of the financial burden in the event of a claim, which can result in lower premiums. Conversely, a lower deductible will result in higher premiums.
  6. Location and Routes: The geographical area where your auto hauling business operates can affect insurance costs. Factors such as traffic density, road conditions, crime rates, and regional insurance regulations can impact premiums. Additionally, the routes you take, including the distance and destinations, may be considered when assessing the risk exposure.
  7. Safety Measures and Risk Management: Insurance companies may consider the safety measures and risk management practices you have implemented in your business. Measures such as driver training programs, vehicle maintenance protocols, security systems, and GPS tracking devices can potentially lead to lower insurance premiums by mitigating risks.

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What is A Car Hauler?

A car hauler is a trailer that is specifically designed to transport vehicles. Car dealerships and snowbird hauling companies are the most frequent users of car haulers. A car hauler can also refer to a company or individual who transports cars from one location to another for a fee.

Types Of Car Haulers

There are several types of car haulers. An auto hauling company must select the appropriate trailer for the type of cars it transports, not to mention auto transport trailer insurance. Car haulers are classified into the following categories:

  1. Open car carriers
  2. Luxury car hauler
  3. Single car haulers
  4. Enclosed commercial car trailer
  5. Enclosed multi-leveled carriers

Covered vs Open-Air Car Haulers

Choosing between covered and uncovered haulers is a major consideration when purchasing car carrier trailers. For maximum cargo protection, we always recommend investing in covered carriers. From car transport to auto shows to auto hauling to dealerships, you must deliver the cars in the same condition in which they were loaded. As a result, a covered hauler is the best option.

If you own an open commercial car trailer, you can invest in a car hauler cover, which is not to be confused with lid haulers. Car hauler covers allow you to protect your cargo by covering your hauling trailer.

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