Do you know how to apply for Chinese student visa in 2023/24? Knowledge is the only power that evaluates the mindset of a student and it became more in-depth if you’re in the hand of a developed country if you think the same way then you’re on the right path, the matter fact when we say developed then china is one of the names that pops up in our mind.

China which currently enrolling 300,000 international students and about over 50,000 students with scholarships known to be the country with top of notch globally ranked Universities and China is the Third largest country for the enrollment of students Internationally.

There are 274 Chinese universities that provide scholarships for international students.

Make your mind: Firstly the students must apply for a scholarship in Chinese Universities as per choice. The Chinese government provides scholarships which do require an online application at the CSC portal. Some scholarships cover accommodation and monthly allowances up to 350 and 500 USD while the second type requires submission of some ratio of fesses and the accommodation will be on students, So make up your mind before enrolling into.


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No doubt that China provides quality but also exposure to different cultures and it is very necessary to choose the type of visa for a student.

There are two types of visas X1 and X2

X1 VISA: Basically this type of visa is for international students who want to study in china for more than 6 months and it lasts up to 5 years with this visa the students are allowed to travel in China throughout.

X2 VISA: Visas X2 is for short courses and for those people who intend to learn the Chinese language and these visa time limits are less than 6 months.

FORMS FOR VISA: JW201 and JW202 are the two forms required for a student visa in China as

JW201 is the form that the Government of China provides for the scholarship by itself while

JW202 is for students who are on self-support.


No matter if you’re on scholarship or on self — finance the fees for a visa are a must-go thing China travel guide makes it easy and gives a chart that shows that it will cost around 140 dollars for American citizens and the fees can go from 30 dollars to 60 dollars for other Countries. Studying in China is an admission platform for students.


Every transportation process requires documentation so it is significant that your documents should be completed as per demand.

DOCUMENTS for visas are underneath

PASSPORT Candidate must have an original passport as the time limits up to the scholarship of 6 months or lesser

Application form The candidate must submit the application form that he/she submitted for a scholarship.

JW201 & JW202 The original copy of the approved intentional scholarship form form

Admission notice & Registration of accommodation Applicants have to show the admission notice of the University they choose and also register the accommodation so they don’t face any kind of issues.

Bank Statements Applicants have to show their bank statements which testify that the person is able to afford the program.

how to apply for Chinese student visa
how to apply for Chinese student visa


Steps to apply for a student visa

There are no hard rules for submitting for a student visa in China

Step 1: Make sure which university is suitable for the program you want to peruse and the University must have to be affiliated with GCS.

Step 2: Send an E-mail to the professor of your University it can be a sample or a proposal/portfolio of yours which increases the chance of selection

Step 3: Fill out the CSC scholarship form

It includes 3 categories

Category A Is for applying through the Chinese embassy in this process you can only apply to two universities.

Category B Use such type of category if you want to apply through University.

Category C Some people use different methods to approach Universities this category relates to them.

STEP 4: The physical examination form must have to be completed

STEP 5: Print it and gather all other documents.

What can lead to Visa rejections

China has always been a country with strict policies and visa rejection is not a big deal there, as they are fully committed to their policies and don’t tolerate any kind of interruptions in their work.

Chinese authorities haven’t tell reasons why it got rejected but there are some factors :

l Having some mistakes in your form

l Unable to show financial resources

l Having limited kind of resources

l Not having proof to assure that you will come back after the study

After overcoming these factors apply a second time and it will increase the chance of selection.


Statista says that around 490,000 students in 2018 enrolled to peruse their studies in china and the number been increased to 50,000 in 2022

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