WAEC GCE Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers for 2023

Questions and Answers for WAEC Animal Husbandry 2023/2024 (Essay and Objectives)

WAEC Questions and Answers 2022 for Animal Husbandry. You may see the free WAEC Animal Husbandry objective and theory repeated questions that I am going to provide to you. You’ll learn about many more test features as well as how the WAEC’s Animal Husbandry questions are constructed.

WAEC Questions and Answers On Animal Husbandry

In Nigeria, the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSC) and General Certificate in Education (GCE) are administered by the West African Examination Council (WAEC), a testing organization.

Objectives and essay answers for WAEC GCE Animal Husbandry 2023 (Expo)

1.2 Answers for WAEC Animal Husbandry Theory

Objective 2023 For The Second WAEC Animal Husbandry Essay (EXPO)

Three Tips for Getting the Animal Husbandry Questions Right on the WAEC

3.0.1 Set an objective and strive to achieve it

3.0.2 Purchase the Animal Husbandry Recommended Textbook for the WAEC Exam in 2022.

Do not skip the animal husbandry examples and exercises you may encounter while reading.

Objectives for and solutions to the WAEC Animal Husbandry essays, 2022 (Expo)

We will provide the WAEC Animal Husbandry test solutions here.

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Answers to the objectives

AADACBCBBC from 1 to 10.





The 19th May 2022 WAEC Animal Husbandry (Essay & OBJ) Answers

I Mice (ii) Squirrels (iii) Toads

(1) Sheep scale, (2) fleece worms, (3) sheep nose bot flies

(1c)(i) Use of equipment and technology(ii) Adequate medical care(iii) Adequate shelter(iii) Access to water



The introduction of breeds that were not native to the home nation

(ii) Increased production is a result.

There are no bugs or illnesses as a result (iii).

(iv) If a breed can adapt to the local environment, it may produce more of a high-quality quantity of offspring.



The selection process is time- and labor-intensive.

(ii) Both time and financial costs are quite high.

It involves knowledge that may not be easily accessible (iii).

(iv) It results in the removal or exclusion of certain good features from some parent stock.

(v) There are no newly developed attractive traits.

(2b) I Selection by lot

selection of descendants

Selection of the family

(iv) choosing a lineage


Body alignment I

Fertility and the capacity to reproduce.

(iii) The breed’s hardiness and adaptability to the environment.

(iv) A female’s capacity for giving birth.

(v) The ability for production to produce.

(vi) Behavior/temperament, such as eating eggs or cannibalism

Performance of the offspring (vii).

age of the animal (viii).

Rate of growth.

Resistance to illness


A strong layer will have a wide, square head.

It has a brief interruption (ii).

Its eyes are large and brilliant (iii).

It has a sleek, slender face (iv).

Its comb is thick but big (v).

Its comb and wattles are vivid crimsons (vi).

It has an abdomen that is supple and elastic.

(viii) A lack of melancholy is present.

It has glossy plumage, according to (ix).

(x) A brief clutch is required.

A large, wet cloaca is present on it (xi).

Its shanks are light in color (xii).

The state of malnutrition occurs when an animal exhibits signs of nutritional inadequacy as a consequence of inappropriate feeding. When an animal consumes inadequate amounts of feed, it happens.

Loneliness (4b) I

Failure (ii)

Coordinating incompetence

4. Depression

v) Blindness

(4c) I Produce hay and pellets for their diets.

(ii) feeding ominous and fiber-rich diets

Avoiding nuts, seeds, sugar, seeds, and fruits

(iv) Everyday access to clean, fresh water

(v) Steer clear of a drastic diet change.

Timbers enjoy cassava I (4di)

grasses used for forage, such as hay and silage


the groundnut cake

Palm kernel cake


the groundnut cake

Palm kernel cake


1. Bone meal

Phosphorus (ii)


the lungs

(2) Heart

The trachea (iii)

Stomach (5aii)

ii) The intestines

(3) Liver

Records of deaths (5bi)

Record of food intake (ii)

iii) Records of egg collection

(4th) Age inlay

It provides a way to keep track of the farm’s performance and assess its profitability (5bii) I

To manage effectively (ii)

It allows tax inspectors to precisely access the farm and determine the total amount of tax due (iii).

For foreseeable future planning

Consuming feeds (5ci) I

Farm animal abuse (ii)

destroying equipment made of plastic

Using snap traps (5cii) I

Utilizing glue boards is (ii)

Rodenticides are used.

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The following inquiries are not WAEC 2021 Animal Husbandry Practice Questions. Read through them to be prepared for your WAEC 2021 Animal Husbandry Examination and to achieve high marks.


Which of the items below could be produced from pigs?

I. Bacon

2nd. Chevon

Ham, third

A. Only I and II

B. merely I and III

C. III only, not II

D. (1), (2), and (3)

2. What domesticated animal is the last one that is not a ruminant?

A. Cattle

A. Sheep

C. Goat

A. Rabbit

3. hormones that affect male receptivity

A. oxytocin.

B. estrogen.

C. relaxin.


4. The excretion of farm animals is related to which of the following organs?

A. Pancreas

intestines, small

C. Kidney

D. esophageal

5. When it comes to animals, the time from conception to parturition is referred to as

A. lactation.

B. fertilization.

C. ovulation.

D. gestation.

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WAEC Animal Husbandry Theory Solutions

Answers to the WAEC essay questions on animal husbandry theory Candidates must select and respond to questions from their home nation for this section. The exam question paper will specify how many questions are needed.

Question and Answers for WAEC Chemistry

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Questions and Responses for WAEC Mathematics


1. (a) Identify three organs that are connected to each of the following body systems:

I excretory

ii) digestive;

reproduce (iii).

(b) Quickly describe each system’s primary function listed in (1) (a) above.

(c) Address the following topics in relation to poultry Newcastle disease:

the causal agent I

two signs (ii);

There are two preventive steps (iii).

2. Give six examples of how farm animals are crucial to West Africa’s economy.

Two categories of farm animals are listed in (b) I

(ii) Provide three illustrations of each category of animals listed in (b) I above.

Describe how an egg develops inside a hen in item (c).

3. List seven industrial raw materials that can be obtained from farm animals in part (a).

(b) Describe seven methods for taking care of a pregnant woman.

(c) Describe how the terms below are used in the field of animal husbandry.

I developing steam;

(ii) dystonia;

(iii) Flush.

Essay and objectives for WAEC GCE 2022 in animal husbandry (EXPO)

While not exactly 2022 WAEC Animal Husbandry questions and answers, the questions and answers above are most likely WAEC Animal Husbandry questions and answers that were repeated.

For practice, answer the following queries. This page will be updated with information about the 2022 WAEC Animal Husbandry Expo while the exam is being administered. The answers are available by repeatedly refreshing this page.

Suggestions for Getting the WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions Right

Set an objective and make efforts to achieve it.

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I am certain that you will succeed in WAEC Animal Husbandry 2022. You should now set goals as the next step.

You have promised yourself that you will achieve an A in WAEC Animal Husbandry in 2022, but that is not all. Plan out how you’re going to accomplish it. To reach your objectives, make a schedule and a big plan.

Purchase the Animal Husbandry Recommended Textbook for the 2022 WAEC Exam.

Books for the exam are typically recommended by WAEC. You may use any reputable Animal Husbandry textbook to study for the WAEC 2022 exam, with the exception of the WAEC Literature in English course, which requires you to read specific novels.

Some textbooks are trickier to comprehend. Get a textbook that will simplify the topics if there is anything you are finding challenging to understand. This will improve your situation.

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